What people say

Some kind words from fellow workers in the field, updated as we get the chance …

  • Folks interested in learning more about blogging and networked journalism on college campuses should check out Innovation in College Media, a website run by my colleague Bryan Murley and a few others. Its by far the best source of discussion about college journalism on the web. – Chris Anderson, Columbia U. doctoral student.
  • When I talk about best practices in online journalism, one of the places I point to is the Web site of Reinventing College Media. I’ve loved that site since it debuted a year ago. I find there’s something compelling about watching the people who teach journalism as they learn new forms of journalism. But RCM appears to be gone. And the folks who founded it have changed names and URLs. Take a look at the new site, and make the appropriate changes to your bookmarks and news readers. – Paul Conley, b2b blogger.
  • I took a look through the Innovation in College Media blog, and I must say it is a very good website. The posts are insightful, the links are well chosen, and your mission is one that is needed. College Media is an extremely valuable segment of journalism that offers a unique perspective on the world, and technology – particularly the Web – offers powerful tools to those who understand its potential. – Editor, Of Zen and Computing
  • Bryan is an avid investigator of what�s happening with journalism. – Mark Hamilton, journalism educator.
  • If you want to be inside the debate/conversation about multimedia or the changes in online media these are some of my picks for blogs you should be reading. – Richard Hernandez, photojournalist, Multimediashooter.com
  • Innovation in College Media is a must-read for anyone involved in college media. I’m not in college media but consider it a personal must-read. – Munir Umrani, the Blogging Journalist
  • Thanks for your eye-opening links. The information I have learned is really changing the way I teach journalism. – Sue Goldstein, Mount Wachusett Community College (via e-mail)
  • I’ve been reading your blog for the last month and love your coverage of what is going on in the multimedia realm. – David Whitesock, online director, The Volante Online, University of South Dakota
  • It was a great workshop, and I’ve already put together a list of goals I hope to accomplish before the end of the semester. I’m planning on hosting a mini CICM workshop for our staff here to pass the information along. Thanks for a wonderful experience. – Tiffany Tcheng, web editor, Arizona State University
  • The only training my students and I had in convergence was a two-day workshop with Professor Bryan Murley, who operates the Innovations in College Media Web site. He came to Nebraska to teach Doane and University of Lincoln students the basics. – David Swartzlander – Doane College
  • “Another person with a job I am jealous of is Bryan Murley. He runs the Web site for the Center for Innovation in College Media, and he also presented during the conference.It was interesting and rewarding to finally meet him face-to-face.I had corresponded with him in the past via e-mail for a project he was working on, and I have been a fan of his blog for sometime; however, to actually hear him speak and impart his knowledge was far more valuable than only reading his words on his blog. He spoke with a passion that clearly showed his level of expertise and enthusiasm in regards to the world of journalism.” – Todd Vogt, Wichita State journalism student.
  • I stumbled across, Innovation in College Media, a little while ago and I’m amazed at how perfect it is. This site and what they link to and write about is precisely what it is I’m always looking for. But instead of me looking at other sites and media wondering how we improve on concepts already being used I can see specifically what people in my field and probably what people with my job title are doing. – Miles Benson, designer

3 thoughts on “What people say

  1. this group has provided many college student such an innovation in college media, and networked journalism, this is great if they will continue this advocacy on providing knowledge to others.

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