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NOLA 13: Digital sessions at the CMA/ACP National College Media Convention

This week, I’m in New Orleans for the National College Media Convention. There are a number of sessions about digital media for those who are interested in working better online. Unfortunately, they aren’t organized with a multimedia tag. So here are some of the sessions related to online, from web site to social media reporting. … Continue reading

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Yes, even in 2013! People still think writing is all you need to know to be a journalist (mini-rant)

(update: added link to Asakawa’s article) Gil Asakawa in Quill Magazine highlights an incident that left me floored this morning: I was appalled recently to hear a city editor from one of the top daily newspapers in the country tell a roomful of journalism students that they shouldn’t worry about learning multimedia or any digital … Continue reading


College Media Podcast 10-14-13: Fabrication and “naming and shaming”

Show Notes: ‘Public Shame Makes Me Uncomfortable’: O’Colly Editor at OK State Explains Why She Decided to Not Print Lying Reporter’s Name (College Media Matters) Ethics Alert: Should Student Reporter Who Fabricated Sources Be Outed by Editors? (College Media Matters) SPJ Code of Ethics Listen or download this podcast, subscribe via iTunes, or check out the archives on the CMP home … Continue reading