Here’s the FAQ on consulting.

Sometimes, it helps to have an outsider come in to speak to a staff, or arrange some training, or discuss management issues relating to the shift to new media.

For that reason, we’ve set up a “Speaker’s Bureau” of folks who are willing to travel and help you where needed. Each of these individuals has different strengths they can bring to a workshop session or boot-camp for your students and fellow advisers.

If you are interested in arranging for one of these folks to come speak on your campus, please contact them directly to make arrangements. While we are providing this service, we do expect that any such arrangements would include funds for travel and lodging for the speaker.

Speakers Available (specialty in parenthesis):

Chris Carroll (managing change, converging news operations, surveying the state of the industry): Director of student media for Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tenn. Carroll has conducted a survey on college media use of new technology, and is overseeing the transition of Vanderbilt Student Media to a converged news operation. E-mail: chris.carroll – at –

Ralph Braseth (advising for change, newsroom management): Director of student media at Ole Miss. He just started a weblog: New Media. Braseth oversaw the creation of a separate news staff for the Daily Mississippian online edition.

Bryan Murley (tech/new media hands-on training, new media thinking): assistant professor and online news adviser at Eastern Illinois University, a doctoral student at the University of South Carolina, and formerly the webmaster for College Media Advisers, Inc. His personal web site is E-mail: scmurley – at –

Past Consulting Clients

  • New Mexico State University Roundup
  • University of Pittsburgh Pitt News
  • University of Miami (Ohio) Miami Student
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln Daily Nebraskan/Doane College/Creighton Creightonian
  • Virginia Tech Collegiate Times
  • Washington University (St. Louis) Student Life
  • Bowling Green State University BG News
  • Texas Tech University Daily Torreador
  • Simpson College Simpsonian

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  1. Seeing to the calender entries, I hope that your plans will bring a sense of relief amongst our fellow students in the collage. I hope all this turns out well and in the benefit of our students.