College Media Podcast 10-14-13: Fabrication and “naming and shaming”

Show Notes: ‘Public Shame Makes Me Uncomfortable’: O’Colly Editor at OK State Explains Why She Decided to Not Print Lying Reporter’s Name (College Media Matters) Ethics Alert: Should Student Reporter Who Fabricated Sources Be Outed by Editors? (College Media Matters) SPJ Code of Ethics Listen or download this podcast, subscribe via iTunes, or check out the archives on the CMP home … Continue reading

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WordPress.com adds ability to embed tweets and YouTube videos a la Storify

Per this announcement on the WordPress.com weblog: It’s easier than ever to add another dimension to your posts with embedded videos or tweets: announcing the Media Explorer, a new media curation tool that lets you add trending content from Twitter and YouTube without ever leaving your post editor! The feature is nested in the Add Media … Continue reading


Student media matters

AlterNet reminds us that “student media really does matter”:http://www.alternet.org/wiretap/42190/. Yeah, the article is biased toward the print side, and the estimate of college publications is way low, but a good reminder to us all of the importance of what we’re doing – helping shape the future of journalism. via “JACC blog”:http://jaccblog.blogspot.com/2006/10/making-case-for-student-media.html Continue reading


Nonconsumers and the college market

Len Witt at PJNet has some additional scoop on the NewspaperNext project (including a link to the PDF of the document). The passage he excerpts talks about the “non-consumer”: “To Newspapers: Use Disruptive Technology Methods”:http://pjnet.org/weblogs/pjnettoday/archives/001310.html bq. It might seem strange that the first place to start when you think about creating new growth is with … Continue reading


Weekly round-up

Here’s a handy snapshot of what we’ve been exploring this week: * “We interrupt this broadcast to bring you the Internet”:http://reinventing.collegemedia.org/index.php?id=396 * “More links equals more visits”:http://reinventing.collegemedia.org/index.php?id=397 * “Misc. Links for 9-06”:http://reinventing.collegemedia.org/index.php?id=398 * “More for broadcasters to chew on”:http://reinventing.collegemedia.org/index.php?id=399 * “Learning about free speech and soundslides”:http://reinventing.collegemedia.org/index.php?id=400 * “Keeping the paper metaphor alive”:http://reinventing.collegemedia.org/index.php?id=401 * “Why I … Continue reading