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One week until entries will be accepted for the College Media Snow Fall Challenge

Next Monday, Nov. 4, 2013, I will begin accepting entries for the College Media Snow Fall Challenge. It’s been 2 months since the contest was announced, and I’m excited to see what comes through the door after entries are accepted. Just as a reminder, this is not your standard journalism contest. It’s a first-past-the-post contest. … Continue reading

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What Jalopnik can teach college media about engaging online readers

One of the ways to get reader engagement online is to ask questions. It seems simple, but it’s an incredible balancing act, especially for college media organizations. I want to look at one organization that is doing reader questions right, and suggest some takeaways that might improve your reader response to online questions. A little … Continue reading

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Facebook censoring ACLU: Why your college media outlet shouldn’t rely solely on a private company for the web

A recent brouhaha between the American Civil Liberties Union and Facebook highlights one of the dilemmas for publishers who post content on social media. The ACLU Facebook page had a post about a naked statue in Kansas City, Kansas. Someone reported the post, and that led Facebook to delete the post and ban the ACLU … Continue reading