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NOLA 13: Digital sessions at the CMA/ACP National College Media Convention

This week, I’m in New Orleans for the National College Media Convention. There are a number of sessions about digital media for those who are interested in working better online. Unfortunately, they aren’t organized with a multimedia tag. So here are some of the sessions related to online, from web site to social media reporting. … Continue reading

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Facebook censoring ACLU: Why your college media outlet shouldn’t rely solely on a private company for the web

A recent brouhaha between the American Civil Liberties Union and Facebook highlights one of the dilemmas for publishers who post content on social media. The ACLU Facebook page had a post about a naked statue in Kansas City, Kansas. Someone reported the post, and that led Facebook to delete the post and ban the ACLU … Continue reading

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App or browser? RJI reports most consumers read news in browsers: Implications for college media

Update: Cory Bergman is much more skeptical of the findings of the Reynolds Institute research. I agree with part of his point, and I don’t think it detracts from the overall point I make in this piece. I encourage you to read his take. We’ve discussed mobile apps frequently here, most recently with Brad Arendt … Continue reading

General Media / Tech Talk / Uncategorized / Wordpress adds ability to embed tweets and YouTube videos a la Storify

Per this announcement on the weblog: It’s easier than ever to add another dimension to your posts with embedded videos or tweets: announcing the Media Explorer, a new media curation tool that lets you add trending content from Twitter and YouTube without ever leaving your post editor! The feature is nested in the Add Media … Continue reading