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College Media Snow Fall Challenge entrant: The Baylor Lariat

all hallow's eve

Monday, I announced the winner of the College Media Snowfall Challenge: The Daily Bruin for In The Shadows.

I am going to share the other two entrants, because the work they produced was worthy of recognition, and if I could, I’d award them all prizes. A reminder: This was a first-past-the-post contest. I did not judge the subject matter in naming the winner.

The second entrant was The Baylor Lariat, with a more “light-hearted” multimedia presentation around a Halloween theme: All Hallow’s Eve.

There are actually two parallax-scrolling pages here, with videos at the bottom of each page and numerous photographs to accompany the writing. The site is responsive, as shown in an iPhone screenshot. One minor quibble with the overall design is the readability of the white text when it’s positioned over photos in the background, however, it’s a visually striking piece of work overall.


The team that produced the project:

Story by Reubin Turner | Assistant City Editor, Linda Wilkins | City Editor, Linda Nguyen | Copy Desk Chief and Greg DeVries | Editor-in-Chief
Graphics by Matt Hellman | Lariat Multimedia Editor
Photos and Video by Haley Peck | Broadcast News Producer and Leah LeBeau | Assistant Broadcast News Producer
Layout, coding, and design by David Trower | Lariat Web Editor