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The Daily Bruin wins the College Media Snow Fall Challenge!

In the Shadows

I received submissions from three outlets for the College Media Snow Fall Challenge, and I’ll be highlighting some of the entries later this week, but I want to announce the winner first. Congratulations to The Daily Bruin for In the Shadows, which met all the requirements of the Challenge and was produced Oct. 21-23.

The series was written by Sonali Kohli and Blaine Ohigashi, and the site was designed by Byron Lutz. I encourage you to go check it out, as it’s some impressive journalism.

What do they win?

  • $200 Amazon gift certificate for the staff of the media outlet.
  • Recognition at the 2014 CMA Spring Convention in New York.
  • A badge for your website.
  • Recognition on the ICM Weblog.

Kudos again to the Daily Bruin staff.