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College Media Snow Fall Challenge: Inspiration about journalism education

Searchlight and sunglasses

We’re less than a week away from accepting submissions for the College Media Snow Fall Challenge. I’m excited to see what comes into my inbox on Monday. Just by way of inspiration, here’s a new book/website that’s available for free from the Knight Foundation’s Eric Newton: Searchlights and Sunglasses.

The book has been put together into a responsive, parallax scrolling website that is available to anyone. I’d encourage you to check it out, even if the topic isn’t your cup of tea.

If you need details on the College Media Snow Fall Challenge, click here. I should mention that I’ve had questions about the “starting line” of the contest. I’ll begin accepting entries on Monday, but they could have been published at any point over the last two months. This is not your standard contest where I’m judging just on quality vs. other entrants. The award goes to the first college media outlet that meets all of the requirements.

More details to come.