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One week until entries will be accepted for the College Media Snow Fall Challenge

NYT Snow Fall

Next Monday, Nov. 4, 2013, I will begin accepting entries for the College Media Snow Fall Challenge.

It’s been 2 months since the contest was announced, and I’m excited to see what comes through the door after entries are accepted.

Just as a reminder, this is not your standard journalism contest. It’s a first-past-the-post contest. The first multimedia project that meets the requirements (meaning first published, not first entered in the contest) will win the prize.

From the contest announcement:

The Innovation in College Media weblog and College Media Association, Inc., are having a contest to see who can be the first college media outlet to produce a full-fledged bespoke multimedia web story.

Now, there are some rules here. The first rule is: I am the ultimate judge as to what qualifies for the Snowfall Prize.

The things I’ll be looking for:

  • It exists outside the media outlet’s CMS as a separate Web product.
  • It does not “look like” the news website.
  • It has responsive design.
  • It features parallax scrolling.
  • It is produced by students specifically for the college media outlet (i.e., not a class project).
  • The overall story is multifaceted and in-depth.
  • Multiple multimedia elements are interwoven throughout the finished product.

Obviously, given these parameters, this challenge is not something you are going to whip up by next week. The first entry that meets the above criteria will be the winner, and I will begin accepting entries on Monday,Nov. 4, 2013.  That gives everyone at least two months to put together something worthy of the prize.

What does one win for producing the Snow Fall Challenge winner? How about this:

  • $200 Amazon gift certificate for the staff of the media outlet.
  • Recognition at the 2014 CMA Spring Convention in New York.
  • A badge for your website.
  • Recognition on the ICM Weblog.

If you have questions, e-mail me at scmurley -at- I’ll give details on how to submit your entries next Monday.

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