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Google launches Media Tools landing page for journalists

google media tools

Yesterday, Google launched a landing page that organizes many of their tools as a way to help journalists and media types use these tools.

We’re very excited to announce the new Google Media Tools website, where journalists, outlets and publishers can learn more about using Google’s digital tools to enhance newsgathering and exposure across television, radio, print and online. 

The site doesn’t just link to the various tools Google makes available. Each section has a brief explanation how the tool in question can be used to produce content, organize content, and analyze how that content performs.

For instance, under the Google Maps API section, there is an explanation of the various products available and specific examples of how they can be used in journalistic settings:

For those who are familiar with Google’s various products, this information will likely be old hat. But for student journalists and professors who may not know how they could use some of these products, it’s helpful to have a single repository of information from a specific journalistic viewpoint.

As with any service from a third-party, be aware of privacy concerns, copyright terms and security issues related to the material you upload or share.