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Dash launches as new site to help learn web coding skills


There are a number of places on the web for people to learn how to code. I’ve been impressed with CodeAcademy for its mix of skill sets available and modern design, and w3schools is an old standard for learning code.

This week, another site launched that takes a slightly different approach to learning the skills to design simple websites, and it’s worth adding to the toolkit: Dash, from learning company General Assembly.


Unlike CodeAcademy and w3schools, Dash takes a project-based approach to explaining the basics. During each lesson, the learner is assigned a “client” and walked through the steps of turning a few simple lines of code into a polished web page. Concepts in CSS, HTML and even JavaScript are mixed together, whereas most often they are taught separately. I prefer the separate approach, but I can see this pattern as a viable option.

Right now, Dash has only four “projects” available, and hopefully they will add more.

You can sign up through e-mail or Twitter. This type of tutorial is useful for anyone who is just learning to code, but also for anyone who might be struggling with certain concepts, or just wanting a refresher. Additionally, the tutorials incorporate the latest standards (HTML5/CSS3) and simple responsive design.