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Emerald Media Group looking for new president as Ryan Frank announces exit

Emerald Media Group

Via Dan Riemold, Ryan Frank, publisher of the Emerald Media Group (aka the Daily Emerald) at Oregon, is leaving at the end of this school year. Frank has had a frantic 3-years at the Emerald, helping the organization push a digital-first path, transitioning from a daily to a semi-weekly last year and pushing a variety of online products and projects. You can read about that transition here: 13 Lessons from Killing Our College Daily Paper and Pushing Digital.

So the EMG is looking for a new president. Details are here.

Frank tweeted about his upcoming departure, promising “Here’s why I’m leaving.”

Good for Frank to give a year’s notice, which will allow the organization to spend the necessary time to recruit and train the next person to take the reins. I wish them success in finding the next president. They are at a crucial time in a transition, and it would be a shame to lose the momentum Frank says they’ve gained in their new publishing strategy.