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Mustang Daily – Cal Poly San Luis Obispo – becomes Mustang News under new converged media group, cuts circulation days

Mustang Daily homepageThe Mustang Daily at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo has trimmed its publication schedule to twice a week in print as of this semester, and renamed itself Mustang News, although the changes aren’t apparent on the website, as that will change this week. Editor-in-Chief J.J. Jenkins announced the change thusly:

The Back to School edition, available on news stands Monday, will be the final printed copy to bear “Mustang Daily” on its cover. We are actively changing our website to (though will still redirect to our new homepage) and our Twitter, Facebook and other social media channels will reflect our new moniker shortly.

Mustang Daily embodied a now-dead form of journalism, that we only published content once a day. It was misleading because, as of this year, our print edition will only be published twice a week. Mustang News encompasses our mission to deliver the news to you in more diverse ways than ever. It gives the leaders a chance to blow up our preconceived notions of how Mustang News should operate and install new designs and new workflows.

That’s only part of the news, though. The Mustang Daily will also combine with the student TV station to produce content. The Mustang Media Group’s editor Sean McMinn explained the convergence of print, digital and video in a separate post on the site:

Today, the alien would stare into the face of a well-oiled machine that brings Cal Poly’s variety of student media — digital, video and print — together under one roof to report the news. We’re producing two print publications each week and one traditional news broadcast, but the crux of our operation is moving online — a platform we can update dozens or hundreds of times a week.

In addition, Mustang Daily is bringing in talented student journalists from backgrounds other than traditional newspapers. CPTV will not only be delivering the news on camera as it happens, but it will also bring you a daily wrap up of what’s going on at Cal Poly. Our digital team is supplementing the print and broadcast products with web-only exclusives, and more information about items in the physical paper will be readily available online.

I’ll update with a current screengrab of the redesigned brand once it’s online.