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Redesigns 2013: University of South Carolina The Daily Gamecock

UPDATED 9/11/13

The Daily Gamecock redesigned earlier this year when the switched hosting to SNWorks. Here’s a screenshot of the new design:

Daily Gamecock screenshot

The previous Daily Gamecock site was struggling under the load of hosting a sizable college media presence, so the management sought a CMS partner. Along with the fresh coat of paint, the staff promised more web reporting. Sydney Patterson wrote in March:

The biggest changes to the website (besides the fact that it will finally work on a regular basis) will be easier navigation, subdivided sections, author pages (which include all recent articles by a specific writer) and an improved search function.

We’re also going to step up our multimedia presence. That means more videos (in partnership with SGTV), photo slideshows, and our daily podcast, 90.5 Seconds of the News (in partnership with WUSC). Some of this will be reflected in our print edition, but we’d love to offer content online that makes all the work we put into the new website worth it.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a good screenshot of the old site design. The Wayback Machine gives me this from 2011, but with no graphics displayed.

UPDATE: Scott Lindenberg was kind enough to e-mail this screenshot of the old site.

Old Daily Gamecock

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