General Media / Tech Talk / Uncategorized / Wordpress adds ability to embed tweets and YouTube videos a la Storify

Per this announcement on the weblog:

It’s easier than ever to add another dimension to your posts with embedded videos or tweets: announcing the Media Explorer, a new media curation tool that lets you add trending content from Twitter and YouTube without ever leaving your post editor!

The feature is nested in the Add Media button on the dashboard, and should be soon coming to blogs through the Jetpack plugin.

Here’s an example of a Tweet I found about the announcement.

Here’s a YouTube video using the same method:

This works similar to how Storify embeds Tweets and YT videos into a story, except users can’t embed Storifys into blog posts because of restrictions on use of iframes. It’s a welcome addition to the blogging tool chest on

Here’s the WordPress video walkthrough on how to use this feature: