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San Diego State University’s The Aztec cuts print schedule to twice weekly

San Diego State University Aztec home pageBrad Arendt alerts me to the news that The Aztec at San Diego State University transitioned from a 4-day-a-week print schedule to twice weekly this fall. The “About” page on the publication’s website has this to say about the change:

In an effort to best serve the SDSU community, The Daily Aztec transitioned to a biweekly print publication and returned to the name The Aztec, which it had worn proudly for almost four decades. The Aztec then focused on increasing its presence in the online and mobile platforms the students, faculty and staff of SDSU were relying on for their news, entertainment and information.

As far as I’m aware, this is the first print schedule reduction for a student newspaper which has required a name change. The URL and header of the website still feature “Daily” in the name, while the print edition features the new/old name.