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Daily Illini cuts Friday publication day, updates web site

The Daily Illini at the University of Illinois announced today that it is ceasing Friday print editions.

On Fridays, you won’t see a printed Daily Illini newspaper on the stands, but you can still find our stories and photos on a redesigned website and our mobile site. And we’ve re-imagined how we approach design. Starting today, we have a much more minimalistic style, which places emphasis on the stories, the photos and everything in between.

We’re not cutting our coverage, though. Touchdown Times will be in Thursday’s publication, and our sister magazine, buzz, will be out Fridays. Technograph will hit the stands four times a year.

You won’t see any less content on our site than you have in the past, and there will be no reduction in the number of people, events or sports games that we cover. With these changes, we are bringing the content to where you want to see it — where you are — which is online and on social media. That starts with how we can tell stories.

The announcement also means a redesigned DI web site.

Here’s the old site via the Wayback Machine:

old illini

and here’s the site today:

Daily Illini web site