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Missouri’s Maneater cuts publication schedule to weekly

front page of the Maneater from July 2013The Maneater, the independent student publication at the University of Missouri, is reducing its publication schedule to once a week.

The Columbia Daily Tribune reports that the schedule will give the staff more time to focus on reporting news for their online product.

Announcing the new design, Editor-In-Chief Ted Noelker wrote:

While this shift will allow us to devote unprecedented resources to our digital medium as a go-to source of timely and in-depth news, it will also re-establish the basis of our printed product. The redesign unveiled by this issue forms the foundation of a more comprehensive weekly news digest. We concede that our newspaper is no longer a vehicle for delivering the first draft of the news. Rather, the paper will be marked by its endeavor to dig deeper and present the gripping facts, highlight the need-to-know and lesser-known stories, paint the bigger picture and generally examine the topics of the week past and the week to come in a compelling — but not overly drawn-out — manner.

Let me be very clear: This is not a concession to the disease plaguing many other newspaper circulations. We believe it strengthens the position of our publication across all its efforts, and would like to assure our readership that, like it or not, The Maneater has its teeth freshly sharpen, bared and firmly sunk in to the MU community.

The most recent publication to announce a change in printing schedule that I’m aware of was the Duke Chronicle, which announced the change from 5-day-a-week to 4-day-a-week print schedule in June.

As these types of changes become more common, I’m adding a tag to them for ease of discovery in the future. They will be filed under “The Future is Here.”