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Redesigns 2013: The Daily Cougar

New school year means fresh paint for some college news websites. Each year, I ask for submissions and highlight some of the changes that have occurred. Past articles in the series are here. First out of the gate this year is The Daily Cougar of the University of Houston.

The staff wrote about some of the changes in this story. A synopsis:

Highlights: a cleaner and sleeker and more modern design, more and bigger photos to embrace the visual emphasis of the Web, an improved experience for readers accessing the site on mobile devices, greater user interactivity, increased prominence for the calendar of campus events, and a stronger focus on multimedia.

In addition to the changes on the front page, the section pages and article pages are also new, so be sure to check the site to get the full effect. The Daily Cougar uses WordPress as a CMS.

Here’s what the site looked like before:

Old Daily Cougar Homepage

And here’s the new design:

New Daily Cougar homepage

If your college media outlet has redesigned the website this year, send me an e-mail to scmurley -at- with any details you’d like to share. If possible, include before and after screen shots. Posts will appear in the order received, usually one a day.