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Fly Over Me: Kickstarting a multimedia summer project

Summer for college journalists means internships, study abroad and other opportunities to develop professional skills and buff up their resumes.

But for four students and recent grads, this summer it meant an entrepreneurial opportunity to tell stories that weren’t getting told in multimedia format.

This is Fly Over Me.

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In an email, Jacob Zlomke described the effort thusly:

This summer, myself and three partners are working on an online multimedia documentary called Fly Over Me based in Valentine, NE. Our goal is to showcase slices of rural life to people who otherwise would never have thought a thing about it.

We’ve embedded ourselves in the community of Valentine and the surrounding area and we think this is an important approach. Traditional media is bust when it comes to reporting in these types of situations.

The quartet crowdsourced the funding for the project through Kickstarter, raising $5,000.

They rented a house in the community, and began producing stories about the small ranching community. The site combines long feature stories (“Without your neighbor”), photo essays, and video (“A family’s collection”), and all the stories are also placed on an interactive Google map. They also have an Instagram feed and a Facebook page.

I am interviewing Zlomke tomorrow and will have a more in-depth followup post on Monday.