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Duke Chronicle cuts publication schedule

Duke Chronicle

The Duke Chronicle announced that they are cutting publication days from five to four for the next school year.

From the Chronicle article announcing the change:

“We’re still a daily production,” said junior Danielle Muoio, editor-in-chief of The Chronicle. “Going forward, we’re just continuing to reach our goal of getting stories to our readers in the most efficient way… we’re really focusing on our online presence because it’s the best way to get information to the most people. It doesn’t mean stopping the thoughtful effort we put into print.”

Board members noted that the change will free up the staff’s resources and time, allowing for a greater focus on the paper’s content, rather than on its layout and other intricacies associated with daily print production. By shifting the paper’s emphasis to its online presence, staffers will be better equipped to provide around-the-clock news to the Duke community.

“Digital First” seems to be the buzzword of the day when schools make these types of moves. The Chronicle insists that finances aren’t an issue, either. I expect more such moves going forward, and it will be interesting to see what they do with the shifted emphasis.