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WordPress powers 65 percent of ACP Online Pacemaker entrants

Following up on my post last week about CMS use among Associated Collegiate Press Online Pacemaker finalists, ACP Contest/Critique Coordinator Grace Christiansen was kind enough to send along a breakdown of CMS use by entrant. I understand that they cannot provide information about who entered, but thought this would be a better representation of the overall picture than merely looking at the CMS use by finalists.

So here are the numbers:

CMS entriesIn handy pie chart form, it looks like this:

pie chart“Other” would include SNWorks’ Gryphon CMS and a number of “roll-your-own” CMS solutions. BLOX is the name of TownNews’ CMS. Drupal and Joomla are other open-source content management systems. ExpressionEngine is a paid CMS.

It’s worth noting here that the prevalence of WordPress as a CMS among entrants matches closely its presence among the finalists.

For a more complete discussion of content management system options, I’ll refer you to this previous post: Hosting options for college media, the (updated) 2012 edition