College Media Podcast

College Media Podcast 4-8-13: Chartigraphilia and Tabula

The journalism is what matters

The College Media Podcast is a weekly 10-15 minute discussion of issues related to college media and journalism education in general. Dan Reimold of College Media Matters and I look at breaking news, trends and debates, and also feature a helpful tool for journalistic storytelling. This week, we discuss the print/digital divide, and introduce a new tool for getting tabular data out of PDFs.

Show Notes

Topic 1: Chartigraphilia

The journalism is what matters: get beyond the primacy of the print byline (ICM)

Tool Tip

Tabula (Github repository)

INTRODUCING TABULA: Upload a PDF, get back tabular CSV data. Poof! (Knight-Mozilla OpenNews)

Here is a link to the mp3 to listen or download. For previous episodes, check out the show page.