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College Media and the State of the News Media 2013: Missing in Action

storify screen shotIn our College Media Podcast this week, I mentioned the noticeable absence of a discussion of college media in the annual Pew State of the News Media report released on Monday. This is the 10th year of the Pew report, and college media has never been a part. I just never really noticed it before.

But it reignited a topic I’ve long had trouble with: the lack of concrete data about the state of college media. Over the last 7 years, I’ve gotten more than a few calls and e-mails from people asking for information about how many college media outlets have gone online only. I tell them what I know, which is a handful, but unless I find out about these changes independently, I have no way of knowing.

Beyond that, there is no actual number I can cite of how many college newspapers or tv stations, or radio stations there are out there.

In short, nobody – outside of possibly some private market research company somewhere – has been keeping track of college media in a comprehensive manner.

Which led to the discussion Monday night on Twitter. I put together a Storify summary, which you can read here, or click on the screenshot above, since doesn’t do iframe embeds.