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Moving on, moving up: ICM’s facelift

I’ll spare the clichés and just tell you that the ICM weblog is moving to a hosted blog. All of the content will be available on the new site, although links back to the blog may have broken in the migration and domain transfer.

For those interested in the details, our blog has been hosted since 2006 on a server at Vanderbilt University. The original installation was done by computer whiz Lee Clontz, with some help from Rob Pongsajapan along the way. The move to allows us to have a more stable host and support system.

The new blog (ICM 6.0?) is using Sight, a responsive WordPress theme with infinite scrolling (although with over 2,000 posts over the past six years, I wouldn’t recommend testing it). It should look fine on mobile and tablet platforms, as well as desktops.

One confusing factor: The domain name is in limbo until after the College Media Association New York Convention. I’ll be posting on the new instance of the blog at, and this URL should be transfered soon.