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Morgan State U. Spokesman plans to go online-only is reporting that the student newspaper at Morgan State University is going online-only soon. Sort of. (story via, via) The decision was announced by Director of Student Media Perry Sweeper.

Sweeper oversees The Spokesman and the campus year bookThe Promethean. He is currently designing the paper’s website, which will eventually be maintained by a design team he selects.

Print journalism has undergone a digital transformation over the last decade, and most journalistic organizations have websites and mobile apps in addition to their printed publication.

The decision to transition to an online publication was made by the chairman of Morgan State’s communications department, Dewayne Wickham, and the supervisor of student media, Karen Houppert.

Although the Spokesman will be online-only for the rest of this school year, the print edition may not be gone forever.

I’d love to point you to the Spokesman’s web site, but the address on the MSU web site loads this:

I’m not sure throwing students into online publications when you don’t even have a web site running at the moment is such a good idea.

I’m also puzzled by the hedging in this announcement. Maybe the print edition isn’t gone forever. What?

Also, there’s this: “Morgan State has made three previous attempts to transition to an all-online newspaper, dating back to the early 2000s.” I wish the students the best of luck. I hope they have some say in what goes into this publication.