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AxisPhilly: new non-profit news initiative combines data, reporting

AxisPhilly launched their web site yesterday. According to the web site, “AxisPhilly is a non-profit news and information organization whose mission is to educate and engage citizens on topics of public interest while empowering them with tools to participate in developing and implementing change.” The site has some serious journalistic history on its staff, and is worth watching to see how it fares in a market where the two daily newspapers are struggling under numerous challenges.

But one reason I want to mention the site is the design of the front page:


It’s clean, well organized and easy to understand. Obviously, it’s early in the development of the site, but there’s only one other row of preview thumbnails below the one in the screenshot, and lots of white space. The design promotes stories, but also interactive tools for users. Check it out. There may be some ideas that you could use in your own site.

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