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Redesigns 2012: MSU State News

The Michigan State State News launched a redesigned site yesterday. Here’s a look at the new site:

Omar Sofradzija, editorial adviser/permissions manager for the State News, pointed out the following new features of the site via e-mail:

  • A responsive design, which also replaces the previous separate mobile edition. The site simply reconfigures itself to fit any size tablet or mobile phone. It’s a format we believe is the future of news mobile, and one that better integrates and promotes online content consistently, regardless of the user’s choice of media.
  • A multimedia box that primarily teases with what makes multimedia strong: visuals, with secondary headline text available by scrolling over a target image.
  • Video that works across all platforms (no “must install Flash” headaches for the audience).
  • Social media — which has been a major source of visitors to as of late, representing as much as one-third of our site traffic — is more prominently featured on the site.

Please keep in mind this site is essentially in a permanent “beta” mode. We will continue to offer updates as they become available.

And yes, this comes as part of the Gryphon CMS offered by SNworks, a division of The State News.

Here’s what the old version of the site looked like in July, 2011, courtesy of the Wayback Machine: