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Redesigns 2012: Daily Nebraskan

The Daily Nebraskan recently switched from College Publisher to TownNews, and along with the switch, a redesign. Here’s the new site:

And here’s their redesign from 2011:

Dan Shattil notes in an e-mail: “We’re still tweaking it but it allowed us to post a Tom Osborne Legacy section we developed last night following the Athletic Director’s announcement yesterday of his retirement. This includes an interactive timeline the staff created last night.”

The black “white space” is a definite contrast, and again, there’s an emphasis on more graphics on the page. Multimedia is also prominent near the top of the page. One thing I’m not necessarily a fan of is putting an advertising banner between the site header and the content. We debated that at the DEN when we redesigned last year. The TownNews CMS allows a lot of “tweaking” within the confines of the overall site design, so it will be interesting to see how the site evolves as they get more time to experiment.

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