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College Media Podcast, Ep. 5 – USA TODAY's new blue circle and AU's breastfeeding blow-up

The fifth episode of the College Media Podcast is above on Soundcloud, and you can download an mp3 for offline listening if you’d like. This week, we talked about the USA TODAY redesign and American University’s breastfeeding controversy, and discussed changing price structures for liveblogging. Links mentioned in the show are below:

Show Notes:

Topic 1: USA TODAY Redesign

Here is the redesigned USA TODAY (Romenesko)

USA TODAY redesign branding kit

Topic 2: American University Breastfeeding flap

American University Professor Attacks Student Paper for Asking About Her Mid-Class Breastfeeding (College Media Matters)

Breast-feeding, news judgement under scrutiny after national attention (The Eagle)

Topic 3: Liveblogging

CoverItLive Pricing

ScribbleLive Pricing