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The iPhone 5 is here! Meh

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Today, Apple announced the latest iteration of the iPhone. Maybe it’s just me, but the changes to the device from iPhone 4S ranged from the incremental (new earbuds, panoramic photos, better low-light images) to the downright annoying (a half-inch larger screen to render all your cases obsolete! new dongles!). As Joshua Benton wrote at Nieman Labs, there’s nothing game-changing here for journalists.

I’ve been using an Android for the last two years, and I’m actually considering trading “up” to an iPhone 4S once the early-adopters grab their 5’s (maybe I can pick up some cheap cases and dongles, too).

There is also news of an upgrade to the iPod Touch, to which I say: it’s about time. The camera is still 5 megapixels, but they added a forward-facing camera. They did manage to jack the price up to $299, apparently. Someone also spilled the color wheel on the line, as you can choose from 5 colors. But for student journalists who don’t want to pay monthly for an iPhone (or for college news outlets looking for a less expensive mobile reporting tool), this could be an alternative.

If you have a 4S, I don’t know that it makes sense to upgrade other than to renew your fanboi cred.

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