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College Media Podcast – Ep. 3: RNC, Endorsements and Gaming The News

The third episode of the College Media Podcast is above on Soundcloud, and you can download an mp3 for offline listening if you’d like. This week, we talked about the Republican National Convention in Tampa, newspaper endorsements and gaming the news. Links mentioned in the show are below:

Show Notes (time: 16:47)

Topic 1: Republican National Convention

Live from Tampa, RNC 2012: Bad Weather & Wolf Blitzer

The Minaret coverage of the Republican National Convention (category)

Topic 2: Student newspaper endorsements

Onion Article Spoofs Student Newspaper Endorsement of Obama (College Media Matters)

College Newspaper Endorses Barack Obama (The Onion)

Topic 3: Tools

Game-O-Matic – a simple way to create games using nouns and verbs, created by teams at Ga. Tech and UC-Santa Cruz.

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