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Redesigns 2012: UT-Arlington Shorthorn

It’s that time of year again, when the fresh paint is revealed on college media web sites. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be showcasing the changing “face” of college news on the web. If your organization has a new web design, send me an email at If possible, include a screenshot of the old design for comparison.

First up is the UT-Arlington Shorthorn, which moved from a self-hosted Joomla CMS to TownNews. Here’s the new look:

And here’s the previous version:

The new version is a few pixels thinner.

The main differences I can see:

The flag now has BIG branding and a new motto – “UT-Arlington’s main news source since 1919”.

The nav bar now has a grey background.

The section headers are color-coded, as seen in this screenshot of the second screen:

The sections are also now vertical and asymmetrical. And there is more variety in headline sizes.

The social media icons at the top of the page are bigger, and the top banner advertisement has been moved out of and above the flag, replaced by traffic, weather and a calendar in the flag.

UPDATE: Adam Drew also sends along a screenshot of the HTML5 mobile version of the site: