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Detroit Softworks closes shop; SNworks takes over Gryphon


UPDATED AT 10:41 AM (CDT) WITH ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONDetroit Softworks, provider of the Gryphon CMS and hosted news platform, has shut down. The message above is all that remains of their website. They had approximately 15 client college news outlets for the hosted platform. However, the demise of DSW doesn’t mean the end of the Gryphon CMS. In fact, Gryphon is poised to be something of a phoenix this fall.

Omar Sofradzija, editorial adviser/permissions manager of The State News at Michigan State said Friday that the State News would be launching a new marketing effort for Gryphon in the next few weeks. The State News originally developed the CMS and licensed its use through DWS.

“With the end of Detroit Softworks, we feel like we have a product worth sharing with our peers,” he said. “We are looking this fall to offer (Gryphon) to additional clients.”

Sofradzija said the new home for the Gryphon CMS will be called SNworks. There’s no web site (or logo) at the moment, but you can follow them on Twitter, or check their Facebook Page for updates. Anyone interested in the platform can also contact Sofradzija at

The company plans to have booths at ACP/CMA, CNBAM and WAUPM conferences coming up this fall.

In the meantime, this changes the calculus for CMS providers for college newspapers, and I’ll be updating my list soon.


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