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CMA's new Pinnacle Awards recognize TV, radio and web

College Media Association announced a new contest for college media yesterday. The Pinnacle Awards will recognize broadcast and web tech work by college media outlets. The exciting part for readers and followers of this blog are, obviously, the web categories (which CICM is sponsoring). Here they are:

13. Breaking News

Recognizes excellence in digital coverage throughout a 72-hour period of an unplanned breaking-news event or development. Judges will weigh evidence of exceptional journalism under deadline pressure within the 72-hour period following the original event. They will also weigh clear presentation through user interface, interactivity, use of social tools and creative use of the medium. An entry will consist of a single piece, series or package on the same event or development.

14. Multimedia Feature Presentation

Recognizes excellence in telling a story to an online audience using multimedia techniques, including interactive graphics, Flash, photography, audio and video. In addition to the quality of the journalism and creative use of the medium, emphasis will be placed on the artful blending of multiple media into a single user interface.

15. Interactive Advertising and Media

This category recognizes outstanding Interactive Advertising & Media. Entries in this category may include media buys and placements in two different media types, one of which must be online; creative use of a website or associated online tools in a media/marketing strategy; or innovative use of online social media within an advertising or marketing campaign.

16. Mobile Apps / Plug-ins

Best use of a mobile app or website plug-in. This category will evaluate the use or creation of a mobile app or website plug-in. These may be commercially available (paid or free) apps or plug-ins, however special consideration will be given to student created apps/plug-ins.

17. Audio Slideshow

Recognizes excellence in combining photographic images with audio to create an enhanced story. Judges will look for strong imagery and strong audio storytelling that integrate well together. Audio must include elements of the story and not just be a musical soundtrack.

18. Best Web Presence

Recognizes excellence in overall design, content delivery, multimedia, special projects, cross-platform integration and interactivity for a student media Web site.

Details about the other categories, and how to enter, can be found at the CMA website.

Deadline is June 1, 2012