Curated links: Back to school edition

Hope everyone had a nice holiday break. Now, it’s time to get back to the spring semester. Here are some curated links to get the mind muscles going again:

The New Lazy Journalism – Seth Godin: “The hard part of professional journalism going forward is writing about what hasn’t been written about, directing attention where it hasn’t been, and saying something new.”

Linking out: Support your work and serve your readers – Bleacher Report: One of the most difficult tasks to get some reporters to perform is to add links to their stories before they go online.

What newsrooms should learn from Kodak – Steve Yelvington: “Businesses still need convey offers to consumers, and if anything, digital technology has chopped the audience up in to little pieces and distributed it all over the universe.Pulling audiences back together creates value. Make that your goal, and don’t let up for a second.”

Everything you need to know about buying a camera – The Verge: A really comprehensive report for anyone in the market for a new digital camera.

WeVideo: A cloud-based video editor that also works as a YouTube plug-in. 1GB of free storage, then there are premium plans.

It is not about whether the Washington Post is innovating too fast – Alfred Hermida: “The challenge for news organisations is taking a strategic approach to innovation. There is a risk of becoming enamoured with the latest shiny bit of technology or adopting a platform such as blogging without thinking through the why and how.”

Newspapers, Paywalls and Core Users – Clay Shirky: This is a lengthy read that explains some of the continuing push and pull in the newspaper industry regarding paywalls. Well worth the time to digest.

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