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Six years and counting

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Saturday marked the 6th blogiversary of this here effort. Since nobody reads blogs on Saturdays, I’m marking the occasion today. According to the most official source known to humankind, the anniversary is usually celebrated by gifts of iron, sugar, or wood objects.

About 130 posts over the last year (of 1,930 since the beginning), all but a handful by yours truly.

As I wrote last year,

On a personal note, there have been numerous people I could and should thank for the assistance and support over the past five years. Foremost among them are Chris Carroll and Ralph Braseth, who set this blog in motion in late 2005 with an e-mail asking me to set up a web site for them. “I’ll set up the site, but you have to provide the content.” You can see how well that worked.

I should also thank the many advisers who read and contribute in even small ways to make this blog what it is, and to College Media Association, Inc., for keeping this thing alive.

I’d also thank the many industry experts, young journalists and wizened professionals whom I’ve bugged over the years for interviews or assistance.

And, as always, my colleagues in the Journalism Department at Eastern Illinois University for their continued support of a non-traditional publishing format.

Hard to believe that when we began, YouTube was just taking off, Facebook was still limited to colleges and high schools, and nobody had even heard of Twitter or the iPhone or iPad.

Maybe it’s vain to mark anniversaries like this, but blog years are like dog years – longer than human years. I’ve watched many start up, burn bright and then flame out over the years. So it’s worth remembering every once in a while – even if I have to do it myself.

I’ve got some new ideas for the new year, and the new template is part of that. Keep reading, and contributing, so we can keep pushing college media forward.

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