Curated links for Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2011

Time for some links!

Occupationalist: I found this site via Aram Zucker-Scharff (The storytelling of the 99 percent), and was mesmerized by the way it incorporates a ton of data from various social media sources into a single site. Worth checking out and filing away for ideas for future big event coverage. Apparently, the site was made by Boulder Digital Works, out of the University of Colorado.

John Robinson: “Find thinkers who will challenge you,” and more advice for newspaper editors (Nieman Journalism Lab): John Robinson has always been my go-to example of an editor who “gets it.” So it was a little shocking to hear he was stepping down as the editor of the News & Record. He says he’ll still be around on Twitter. I wish him well in whatever the future holds.

What we told current Journalism majors about working at startups (BitMethod Brick by Brick): In a similar vein, Scott Kubie and Amanda Morrow had some advice for Drake University students. The future will likely feature a lot of jobs for j-students outside the traditional career, and the skill set for landing those jobs will also change. (via @selfmadepsyche)

6 Tips to Support Digital News Through Advertising (MediaShift): One would think most of this advice is common sense by now. It’s not. Here it is in a list.

Confidence Game: The limited vision of the news gurus (CJR): Dean Starkman’s lengthy essay takes on some sacred cows in the Future of News discussion. (via @Chanders)

Data Analysis 101: Seven Simple Mistakes That Limit Your Salary (Occam’s Razor): This is written about web site marketing, but the principles apply for any kind of data presentation. Kaushik also has a handy Statistical Significance Calculator. (via @gmarkham)