Friday Linkage and Wilco

Via NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series

What 1 Million Looks Like – The Obama Campaign has a pretty nice infographic about donors and their 2012 fundraising efforts. Via Derek Willis on Twitter.

Signs that you are a bad programmer – A list of maladies and cures. Via David Andrew Johnson.

Let’s take news apps out of the newsroom and create products instead of content – “Of course we’re not talking about the physical newsroom – we mean the conventions, processes and assumptions that underlie editorial content: the notion that the narrative story must be the centerpiece, for example. Or that putting eyeballs on ads is still the best way to monetize our work.”

Boston Globe warns Occupy organizers about using its name – Because the best way to handle a situation like this is to act obliviously to the public relations aspect of the situation.

Colleges take varied approaches to iPad experiments with mixed results – Several colleges that have been trying out iPads in the classroom will be sharing their experiences at the annual Educause conference, which kicks off Tuesday in Philadelphia. The officials plan to talk about what they’ve learned, though most still say it’s too soon to judge the long-term potential of tablets in teaching.

Awards, grants, and fellowships (Writers and Editors) – Not sure where I found this site, but its a pretty good listing of places to find money for writing and reporting.

Why Apple’s virtual newsstand is driving a surge in magazine, newspaper iPad subscriptions (Poynter) – “So what is Newsstand’s secret weapon, its viral ingredient? It is, I think, the shelves.

“Empty shelves beg to be filled. Look around your home. Look for all the shelves, in bookcases or perhaps wall-mounted. Are any of them empty? Probably not.”

When is Google going to really disrupt the news business? (GigaOm) – “Dan Frommer, a former writer with Business Insider and Forbes who left to start his own one-man shop called SplatF, writes about how Google has refused to index his blog in Google News because it isn’t a corporate entity with multiple authors. Aren’t we past that by now? If not, we should be. This is just another example of how Google has failed to take advantage of Google News and its real disruptive potential.”