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Friday miscellany

It’s Friday, and here are some curated links to things I’ve been reading lately:

A Chance in Hell: EIU journalism alum David Putney was on campus this week as a visiting professional, and talked about this multimedia piece: A Chance in Hell. It’s a really compelling story, and a good package of multimedia that puts a face on some of the struggles of the war in Afghanistan. He also talks about some of the ethical issues with the photographs that were used in the piece, which would be a great discussion for a photojournalism class.

Facebook Changes: Mashable has a good round-up of the changes to Facebook announced yesterday at “f8,” their developer conference. Mathew Ingram at GigaOm says that this looks a lot like the old days of the walled garden Internet.

News organizations should build apps that solve problems, not just republish content: Jeff Sonderman at Poynter reminds us that an “app” is something that should solve a problem. Too many news organizations are falling back into the shovelware trap with their app efforts.

Better late than never, the Washington Post informs staff that linking is vital: “Top editors at the Washington Post sent a memo this week instructing staffers it is ‘vital that we link both internally and externally to other content in our stories, on blogs and even in captions.'” This really shouldn’t be news at this point in the life of the Internet, but news orgs continue to struggle with linking. Washington Post is only the most prominent example, I think.

Also, this isn’t a post, but a lot of info coming out of the Online News Association this weekend which you can follow with the Twitter Search #ONA11


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