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Redesigns 2011: The East Carolinian

UPDATE: As sometimes happens, the link was not a recent version of the EC. I’ve replaced it with a more current version – ed.

The East Carolinian at East Carolina University recently redesigned their site. The new site uses the WordPress CMS, hosted by College Publisher. Student Media Director Paul Isom said the staff has already taken advantages of new features of the site: “Using WordPress has already freed us up to do some new things, including live blogging the first football game of the season vs. South Carolina in Charlotte.”

Here’s the new site:

Here’s a screenshot of the old site from the Wayback Machine dated June 6, 2011:

Lots of improvements in the new design, which is based on a theme by Gabfire Themes. I do think the header may be a little large, especially with the two decks of navigation underneath. This doesn’t cause problems on a large screen, but someone looking at the site on a 13″ laptop, for instance, would have a lot of screen real estate taken up by the flag.

What do you think?

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