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Links to Check Out 09/01/2011

  • ““This is an increasingly sophisticated and hazardous media world,” said Mr. Tapper, who as a rising media star often found his career and even his personal life the subject of interest by blogs and media critics. “Undermining a 27-year-old reporter — if it is in the interest of a campaign or a party that wants to discredit a news organization — it’s impossible for me to believe that’s not going to happen.” “

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  • “Visiting an error page is not a pleasurable experience for a visitor but web designers can make it pleasurable by designing beautiful and creative error pages. All it needs is a little bit of creativity and some quality time, and your error pages will stand out. Here is a list of some creatively designed error pages that will inspire you.”

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  • “As it turns out, we have a way to prevent gangs of humans from acting like savage packs of animals. In fact, we’ve developed entire disciplines based around this goal over thousands of years. We just ignore most of the lessons that have been learned when we create our communities online. But, by simply learning from disciplines like urban planning, zoning regulations, crowd control, effective and humane policing, and the simple practices it takes to stage an effective public event, we can come up with a set of principles to prevent the overwhelming majority of the worst behaviors on the Internet.

    If you run a website, you need to follow these steps. if you don’t, you’re making the web, and the world, a worse place. And it’s your fault. Put another way, take some goddamn responsibility for what you unleash on the world.”

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  • “Moving online? Start here. We’ve compiled the most helpful articles to ease the transition. And if there are any topics you’d like to see addressed that aren’t, or any sections expanded, please contact us at”

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  • “Internships. Portfolio. Real work (not work assigned in a class). Not necessarily paid work — but journalism work that some respectable organization saw fit to publish, with your name on it.

    Lacking these, a new journalism graduate is behind the curve. There are not so many jobs out there that you can afford to make excuses for why you didn’t get it done.”

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