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Make smaller YouTube clips with Splicd

I found this site via the JEA Digital Media Resources, and it looks like a great tool for educators and student media organizations who use YouTube videos on their sites or in the classroom.

Splicd allows you to enter a YouTube URL, along with a start and stop point, and then it outputs a link and embed code to put on your site.

For an example, I often like to share this clip of This American Life host Ira Glass talking about getting from the point where you don’t have the skills but want to do something creative, to the point where you have the skills:

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The original YouTube video is five minutes long, and there’s a bit of talking before the clip I selected. But I was able to trim the clip to exactly what I wanted to share without having to load the entire 5 minute clip.

This would be especially useful for a student journalist who wants to highlight a certain portion of a press conference, for instance; or an instructor who wants to showcase a particular section of a YouTube clip that exists within a larger 10 minute clip.

I’m almost certain YouTube has a similar internal feature, but you have to have a YouTube account. This tool is available to anyone.