Redesigns 2011: Baylor Lariat

As is tradition here, I’m going to be posting a series about college news org. redesigns for the new school year. Whenever possible, I’ll post a “before” and “after” image with each post. If your school news org has redesigned the web site for the 2011-12 school year, shoot me an e-mail at scmurley -at- and I’ll include you in an upcoming post. If possible, include a screenshot of what the old site design was like.

You can see past articles in the series here.

As much as possible, each school will get its own post to highlight the redesign. I’ll also mention what CMS they are using, if I can figure that out.

First up, the Baylor Lariat. This redesign was actually launched in January, but I’m including it since it slipped under the radar last semester. The new Lariat is at a new URL ( and uses WordPress as a CMS. The new site’s theme is from GabFire.

Here’s the new site:

Baylor Lariat

Baylor Lariat

And here’s what it looked like before:


The new site looks much cleaner, with a better use of white space, more visuals, and more information available on the screen. Assistant Media Adviser Julie Freeman said the new site has been met with enthusiasm.

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