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Links to Check Out 06/17/2011

  • “Noted South Florida attorneys Norm Kent and Russell Cormican of Kent & Cormican PA, along with the South Florida chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, filed a lawsuit on Tuesday challenging Fort Lauderdale’s ban on all photography – amateur or professional – within several hundred yards of the filming of the Hollywood movie Rock of Ages, starring Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Alec Baldwin.

    Fort Lauderdale police have told at least two professional photographers they cannot shoot from a public area, and the policy precludes anyone from taking pictures even as they dine at restaurants that are within a city block of Revolution, the nightclub movie producers have rented for the past few weeks.”

    Via Michael Koretzky

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  • “This isn’t a brilliant new insight. We have long known communities are powerful and that local media thrive when they bring together and serve their community. Somehow though when it comes to the challenge of online media, we forget this. We search for new business models that involve paywalls, more video, the iPad, and wealthy donors, while the most powerful emerging business driver in the new economy is community.”

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  • “Local news outlets get less than one half of one percent of all pageviews in a typical market, according to a new report (pdf) called “Less of the Same: The Lack of Local News on the Internet.””

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  • “Hey there newspaper reporter—has your broadband-powered job got you filing not only conventional stories, but blogging, video blogging, Facebooking, podcasting, picture posting, and Tweeting? If so, you’ll be happy to know that the Federal Communications Commission earned its keep this week by coming up with a term for this ever growing set of digital duties: the “hamsterization” of American journalism.

    “As newsrooms have shrunk, the job of the remaining reporters has changed. They typically face rolling deadlines as they post to their newspaper’s website before, and after, writing print stories,” the FCC notes in its just released report on The Information Needs of Communities. “

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