Fun Friday music edition

Patti Smith and Her Band performing at Bowery ...

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It’s Memorial Day weekend, which means people will hopefully be enjoying a few days away from the grind. To help with that, for those who are musically inclined, here’s a link to a pretty neat concert: Our Concert Could be Your Life, via NPR’s All Songs Considered:

In the decade since its publication, Michael Azerrad’s book Our Band Could Be Your Life has taken on a sort of biblical quality among fans of independent music. So it’s no surprise that this concert — 14 current bands performing the songs of 13 icons of indie rock at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan — occasionally felt like church. The lesson of the book — if nobody else is doing it, do it yourself — was repeated many times, and more than one musician credited Azerrad with clarifying the lessons of the earlier age at a moment when they seemed lost.

Have a great weekend. If you’re looking for work-related things to read on the Internet, check out the Diigo links I’ve been posting, or the CICM Twitter feed.


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