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Links to Check Out 04/20/2011

  • Via Christine Drain at Pensacola College, a site with a huge number of relatively inexpensive WP themes.

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  • Visual Storytelling, the Center for Documentary Studies’ first e-book, is for anyone who wants to make a watchable short documentary using a consumer camcorder, digital SLR camera, or cell phone. Nancy Kalow, who has taught at CDS for twelve years and chairs the selection committee of the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, has written a step-by-step and comprehensive guide to making a low-budget video with a one-person crew. The Visual Storytelling approach guides you through shooting and interviewing, editing, and the ethics of telling someone else’s story.”

    tags: video storytelling

  • “Ten years ago, a teacher in the Bronx launched Since then, more than 165,000 teachers at 43,000 public schools have posted over 300,000 classroom project requests, inspiring $80,000,000 in giving from 400,000 donors who performed over a million search queries and made more than a million donations.

    We’ve opened up that data, and invite you to make discoveries and build apps that improve education in America. Help to shape your school system’s budget by revealing what teachers really need. Build the first mobile app for hyper-local education philanthropy. We’ve got a list of suggestions to help get you thinking. “

    tags: education hacking

  • “Some of the smartest people I know continuously struggle to get ahead because they forget to address a few simple truths that collectively govern our potential to make progress. So here’s a quick reminder:”

    tags: truths inspiration lifehacks

  • Found via a conference at the Reynolds Journalism Institute. College Newspapers could do this kind of thing.

    tags: wiki local community journalism

  • “And for the first time, a prize was awarded to reporting that did not appear in print: ProPublica’s online series “The Wall Street Money Machine,” which won for national reporting. “

    tags: pulitzer 2011

  • “Still, those who created content before 2007 and have since left those blogs up to accumulate traffic and dust will need to log in or lose access to all the content they created. The closure of all legacy accounts will happen on June 25th of 2011, so Blogger veterans who have been inactive for a while should migrate their account and avoid an unintended closure.”

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