Android apps for college media

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UPDATE: Eric Jacobs points out in the comments that if you search “student newspaper” instead of “college newspaper” you get 113 apps. So there are more than two. But they might want to add “college” to their description somehow.

Earlier today, I wrote that I was unsure if there were any Android apps for college media. The reason I was unsure was I hadn’t heard about any, and I hadn’t done a search of the app store. There are. Wading through a bunch of “Crib Sheet” apps and campus sports apps to find … two, here they are:

FSU News ReaderFSView and Florida Flambeau

BG Views – Bowling Green State University BG Views

BG Views seems to have been developed by an outside developer – Genwi – while the FSU News Reader info indicates it was developed by the FSView and Flambeau company.

Admittedly, I searched for “college newspaper,” so it’s possible I missed some. If you know of others, let me know in the comments.

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