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Happy birthday to us!


As best I can tell, today marks the official 5th anniversary of the founding of this weblog. Yes, here is the first post.

It’s been a busy five years. Approximately 1,800 posts (about 1 per day, including 1,600 by yours truly), several workshops, numerous consultations and conferences, two contests, three interns and over 200,000 visitors. The staff here at ICM would like to thank those who have contributed, those who have stopped by and commented, and those who quietly read along.

On a personal note, there have been numerous people I could and should thank for the assistance and support over the past five years. Foremost among them are Chris Carroll and Ralph Braseth, who set this blog in motion in late 2005 with an e-mail asking me to set up a web site for them. “I’ll set up the site, but you have to provide the content.”

You can see how well that worked.

I would also like to recognize the support from my colleagues in the journalism department at Eastern Illinois University, who see the value in my research interests in this area and encourage me to continue.

As for the future, we’ve just begun. Thanks to College Media Advisers, Inc., we’ve got some exciting workshops planned for the future, and I’m still plugging away trying to keep up with the tsunami of changes in the news industry.

Stay tuned.

(photo courtesy flickr user Rob J Brooks under Creative Commons license)